Ele não é atualizado a dois anos, tem coisas la que prefiro que não veja, desculpe por isso. Sou de SP e se me permite perguntar, porque a pergunta?


Ahh, tudo bem :l

Sou muito curiosa, imaginei que pudesse ser perto daqui

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How to see Aura


  • get a white paper, or if you have a white wall, it serves well too

1. Put your hand in front of the white paper or white wall 
2. Pick one finger to look
3. Stare and the border of the finger
4. First you will start by seeing a trasparent contour around the finger
5. After a while you start seeing some color

PS.: Who is not used to it might take some time but keep starring…
I advise you to try it at least for one minute
if your eyes get tired then after a few minutes if you didnt have results do it another day
repeat it every day untill you get
i can tell if you follow these steps seriously you will get there.


  • Red: related to material. Usually people that attract money easy, that can handle wealth well, enthusiastic
  • Blue: Spiritual,  balanced, relaxed, communicators, singers, intelligent, intuitive, healers
  • Indigo: psychic, intuitive, empathy, sensivity
  • Rainbow: healer, medium
  • Purple: spiritual, creative, artistical, philosophical, love to learn, connected with nature, psychic
  • Yellow: analytical, intelligent, scientists, good with perception, decisive
  • Pink: loving, giving, family oriented, strong psychic abilities, writers, anti-conflicts
  • green aura: hard working, creative, stable, practical, successful in business, generosity
  • Orange: kind, honest, sensible, quick to lose their temper, confident
  • white/silver: sensitivity, intuitive, psychic, spiritual, lucky
  • Gold: love attention, beauty, attract affection from others, great listeners, 
  • Brown: lack of confidence, selfishness, deception
  • Black aura: depression, hatred, negativity

The white, indigo, blue and violet are said to be the higher frequencies…
One might have more then one aura color…
Aura can change the color or the shade… It’s a spiritual field that reflects the spiritual level of a person… If a person changes too much the color of the aura might change too. But also it’s common to someone to never change it’s aura color.

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The beech of the traveler by dominique-merot
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Photography by Dean Malandris
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Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)
engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903
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Forest Road… (by jaegemt1)